Equilar Brings Sweeping Changes to the Way Universities and Colleges Find, Connect and Do Business with Influential, High Net Worth Executives

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The success of thousands of businesses, universities and non-profit organizations depends on their ability to identify and connect in meaningful ways and at the right times with high net worth individuals.  To solve this challenge, Equilar, Inc., the leading provider of executive compensation data and research, today unveiled Equilar Atlas, a powerful new business tool that enables development officers to discover the best pathways to reach high net worth corporate executives and the exact timing of their future wealth events.  

“Equilar Atlas enables people to work smarter by helping them to identify and prioritize key prospects and shorten the paths to reach them at the times they are likeliest to spend, donate or invest their assets,” explained David Chun, CEO and founder of Equilar.  “Being in the right place at the right time to connect with quality prospects no longer depends on luck – now it simply depends on having the right insight and information.” 

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