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The ENC-300-DVI-Portable encoder is designed for LIVE streaming applications where single computer based DVI signals or HDMI signals are distributed or published on a network or on the internet. The ENC-300-DVI mainly targets medical, military, control room and training applications where high resolution DVI/HDMI signals from medical instruments and cameras, radar devices, monitoring displays, or any kind of PC desktop views - need to be shared, published and distributed. It processes inputs from D1 up to Full-HD resolution for professional MPEG-4 AVC H.264 SD/HD streaming to any kind of device. ENC-300-DVI-Portable encoders are especially built for robust 24/7 LIVE operations and for tough environmental conditions. The ENC-300-Portable encoders are designed without any moving parts, making them disk-, fan- and noiseless.

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