Elite Private College Advancement Leaders Join Reeher Platform to Improve Fundraising

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Building on fundraising success at public universities like Cincinnati, Kentucky, Temple and Toledo, as well as leading research institutions such as Johns Hopkins, Duke and Tulane, the Reeher Platform continues to gain momentum with elite private college customers. In the last eight weeks, Amherst and Wheaton and have joined their peers at Barnard, Colorado College, Vassar, Wellesley, Hamilton College and others as a part of the Reeher Platform community, the first shared management system dedicated to improving higher education fundraising in which features and tools added for one customer benefit all.

“We’re thrilled to welcome these prestigious private colleges to our unique shared fundraising management system,” says Andy Reeher, president and CEO of Reeher LLC. “We’ve seen results improve dramatically for our customers raising anywhere from $3 million to $350 million in private donations per year. Building out a peer group like this will continue to accelerate the improved results for our customers.”

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