Eliminating mandatory employee furloughs priority for higher education officials

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Nevada higher education officials are putting their wish lists together for the next biennium, but what they are asking for might be difficult to grant.

A priority for most Silver State colleges and universities is the elimination of furloughs or unpaid days off for employees. In higher education, the furloughs apply to full-time staff, faculty and classified employees.

“For faculty, a restoration of pay is long overdue,” Maria Sheehan, president of Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, said last week. “We have lost opportunities for faculty to join us and stay with us; they get jobs where there are no furloughs.”

This is the fourth year of salary reductions for state employees, leaders say. The Legislature during the previous biennium restored a 2.5 percent pay cut enacted in fiscal 2011 for all state employees at a cost of $50 million. But the 2.3 percent reduction enacted in fiscal 2010 through mandatory furloughs remains in effect.

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