Education technology companies play the name game

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The name of the company was 2gnoME.

2gnoME is pronounced “to know me,” according to the company’s website (although in my head it sounds more like a vinyl recording of some actual word playing in reverse). It is a pun on the word “gnome,” which means “thought” in Greek. There’s a “2” in the mix as well because we live in The Future now.

The company’s product is a “feedback platform with novel methodologies that assess ‘soft’ skills and qualities, based on situations and behavior,” according to its website. A Pennsylvania State University professor was using 2gnoME in his courses to raise the interpersonal skills of his students, explained the marketing person who pitched me on the company in April. The experiment was going quite well, she said, and did I want to talk to the company’s chief executive?

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