Education Committee, Colleges Agree On Higher Education Funding, Performance Measures

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State funding for higher education should be determined by college performance, according to a bill approved by the Senate Education Committee Wednesday. The committee agreed Louisiana's public universities should be doing more to encourage student retention, timely graduation, and a focus on science and technology majors.

Senate Bill 117, co-sponsored by Metairie Republican Conrad Appel and state Rep. Steve Carter, R-Baton Rouge, would create a 15-member task force that would agree on a funding mechanism for public universities based on school performance.

The task force would send its recommendations to the Board of Regents, which would have final say over whether to implement the plan.

Performance, and therefore the amount of state funding for each public university, would be based on the following factors:

  • Student retention rates
  • Timely progression toward degree completion
  • Certificate and degree production
  • Alignment with projected workforce needs
  • Potential earning power of graduates

"What we are doing is asking to move to an outcomes-based funding model...for that portion of the university's funding that is the state appropriation," Appel, who also chairs the committee, said at Wednesday's meeting.

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