Education commissioner says more jobs require higher education

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Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers predicts by 2020, two-thirds of all jobs will require something beyond a high school diploma -- either a bachelor's or associate's degree, or some kind of certification.

Lubbers told the General Assembly's Economic Development study committee she sometimes notices when speaking to groups that some older audience members are openly skeptical, noting their own successful careers without a college degree. She says the world has changed, and the state will fall behind if it gets "nostalgic" instead of emphasizing those changes, to both new graduates and adults looking for new job training.

Lubbers says it's no coincidence that Indiana ranks 11th from the bottom in both personal income and the percentage of college degrees.

The Department of Education says it's encouraging schools to get students thinking early about which of a dozen general job areas they might pursue, so they can select classes accordingly.

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