'Educating For Change' Is Our Universities' Challenge (Opinion)

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In this age of a dynamic global economy, new industries are replacing those we had in the industrial age. Established companies are reinventing themselves, and new companies are being created all the time.

In education, our challenge is to figure out how to prepare people for multiple careers and, most likely, for careers that don’t yet exist.

Educating for change demands helping our young people “learn how to learn” and at the same time, build a solid educational foundation that goes beyond a narrow approach or single discipline.

Our focus must be on teaching, research and innovation rather than numbers and statistics. We must always demand quality rather than quantity. With so many proprietary colleges, overly bureaucratic accreditation processes and an infatuation with form over substance, I wonder whether we’ve made a Faustian bargain that trades a truly classical and solid education for a watered-down version, one that satisfies the marketplace of today but not tomorrow.

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