Duct Tape, Underwear And Pillow Pets: How The Block M Is Generating Millions For The University Of Michigan

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University of Michigan raked in $6 million in licensing revenue from June 2011 to July 2012, and it didn't all come from hoodies and T-shirts.

The Ann Arbor school has lent its brand to all sorts of retailers and items. Duct tape, Hello Kitty dolls and even the screws that hold your license plate in place — all these things and much, much more have been painted in maize and blue and printed with the block M.

In fact, you can buy a Michigan pillow pet for $20 at Meijer, a U-M snuggie for $30 on Amazon, lacy Wolverine underwear at Victorias Secret for $10.50 and, if you're looking for a yummy snack, you can pick up some "Go Blue!" Pop-Tarts.

There's even block M emoticons you can purchase and include in emails and text messages.

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