Drexel Pulling Plug On Campus In Placer

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In a nod to the region's hemorrhaging real estate market, Drexel University officials announced this week that they are backing away from a plan to build an undergraduate campus west of Roseville.

Even as Drexel entered the picture in 2007 as a potential partner in developer Angelo K. Tsakopoulos' plan to fund construction of a university through the development of some land he would donate, the once white-hot real estate market was cooling off.

This week, with home prices still falling, officials of Philadelphia-based Drexel notified Tsakopoulos and Placer County that they don't see a way to build the campus in the foreseeable future.

"They understand what has happened to the real estate market," said Drexel Provost Mark Greenberg. He said the university's would-be partners agreed that "the original premises of the deal did not exist."

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