Double-Digit Tuition Increases Planned At State Universities

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People celebrated last month when the Legislature said it wouldn't have to make college any more expensive in Washington state — but many forgot lawmakers already had put plans in place for a double-digit tuition increase next school year.

Washington State University's board of regents posted a timely reminder Friday, when it voted to raise tuition 16 percent for the second year in a row.

That increase of $1,500 will make WSU tuition $10,874 for in-state undergraduates next school year. With mandatory fees added in, the bill will come to about $11,735. Tuition at WSU covers a full course load of up to 18 credits per semester.

The University of Washington is set to vote on a 16 percent increase in June after raising tuition 20 percent last year. A 16 percent hike, which translates to $1,564, would make in-state tuition $11,305 for the 2012-13 school year. With mandatory fees, students will pay $12,385. Tuition at UW covers a full course load of up to 18 credits per quarter.

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