Dorms, 4-Year Programs In Harford Community College President's Vision

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However preliminary it might be, Harford Community College is looking to the future with two ideas in mind, based on four-year college fundamentals, to enhance higher education in Harford County.

At a Harford Business Roundtable for Education meeting Thursday morning, Harford Community College President Dennis Golladay offered his vision for the school's future, which includes offering limited four-year programs and the potential for student housing.

The ideas, he reiterated throughout the presentation, are "out on a limb," but they are his goals for HCC. Although historically community colleges only offer two-year degrees, Golladay mentioned that some were beginning to offer limited four-year programs and he considered it as a viable option for HCC's future.

"I would like to see that in our future as well, especially in nursing," he said.

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