Does Denison Have a Drinking Problem?

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The number of alcohol overdoses on the Denison University campus on two separate weekends in late 2012 was an exclamation point to a major problem, not just at Denison but at private liberal arts colleges in general, according to experts and data collected by the colleges.

A review of Denison campus records kept as required by the Clery Act shows binge drinking at the university reaching 117 reported cases of alcohol overdose in 2012. That means a case of alcohol overdose occurs on average about once every two days that Denison is in session.

The Clery Act requires colleges and universities report on crime on and around their campuses, including liquor law violations that result in disciplinary action by the college or university.

The Advocate attempted to compare those figures against those of other private liberal arts colleges in Ohio, but it found that differences in availability of EMS reporting, in percent of residential population and medical amnesty policies, complicate comparisons.

However, during a four-year period, Denison logged more violations of state and local liquor laws than all but one of the other seven schools considered.

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