Dixie State College Keeping Its Name Amid Controversy

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Dixie State College looks ready to become Dixie State University after the school’s board of trustees voted unanimously Friday to retain the name despite its controversial associations with the Southern Confederacy.

"In the end, the board chose to unite as one body. We unanimously stand behind the Dixie State University name," said Board of Trustees Chairman Steven Caplin, reading from a prepared statement. The crowd of about 150 people broke out in applause at the name announcement. "No one on this board or in this administration is aware of any racial discrimination in our past."

But for Dixie State senior Roi Wilkins, who is African-American, the name and the school’s history of using Deep South iconography and students dressing in blackface is associated with oppression.

"I feel like they’re still trying to sweep it under the rug," he said.

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