Dickinson State University President Says Audit Issues Being Worked On

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Dickinson State University is taking numerous steps to address academic integrity issues recently identified by state auditors, the school's president said.

D.C. Coston on Tuesday told state lawmakers that changes include new leaders, including the school's registrar, vice president of academic affairs and three department chairs. The school's enrollment, financial aid and marketing efforts have been reorganized, he said, and a task force is reviewing tuition, fees and waivers. The university also is studying its spending, Coston said.

"We're already seeing a dramatic improvement in a number of areas," Coston told members of the Legislative Audit and Fiscal Review Committee.

Coston became president in January after his predecessor, Richard McCallum, was fired over inflated enrollment figures. Problems that have been publicly identified since include the awarding of hundreds of degrees to Chinese students who didn't earn them, the awarding of questionable scholarships and tuition waivers, and questionable spending on social events.

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