Device Management Across the Network

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College and university networks present opportunities to manage devices remotely, often automatically. Automating device management via the network saves students, faculty, and staff time and allows institutions to direct resources and efforts to the core business of higher education: learning.

Mobile Device Management Software

IT administrators at The Ohio State University are looking to manage applications and data and ensure malware protection for mobile devices used across campus, while requiring passwords to access the network, shares Julie Talbot-Hubbard, chief information security officer. They’ve got their eye on mobile device management (MDM) software from Good Technology, MobileIron, and McAfee. MDM software manages and troubleshoots mobile devices remotely, pushing out applications, data, patches, and settings. With the software, Ohio State will maintain central control of group policies for security while each college within the university continues to control its desktops and system settings, plus the ability to push out apps to the devices to meet educational goals. MDM should give the university more visibility into the environment and the ability to provide more services, explains CIO Kathy Starkoff.

At York College of Pennsylvania, Casper, a product from JAMF Software, is being used for MDM. The two-part solution offers OSX (Mac) solution management plus iOS (iPhone, iPad) management, says Robert Robinson, director of IT. It allows the institution to enforce security policies, push out applications, and tailor Apple devices to work in the college environment. “Apple mobile devices are not geared out of the box for enterprise environments and computer labs,” he explains. “Casper allows us to install profiles on devices that make them safe for use in a shared lab environment.”