Details of proposed USC tuition freeze still unknown

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University of South Carolina President Harris Pastides says the university will freeze tuition for three years if state lawmakers provide the school with more state funding. But there are no details on the proposal other than that, like how much more money the school would need from the state.

USC spokesman Wes Hickman says details will be worked out as university officials meet with state lawmakers in the coming months. He says tuition at the university has gone up so much because state funding has gone down. Back in 2004, USC got about 22 percent of its money from the state. That number has fallen to 9.8 percent this year.

"As the state support has declined, the burden has fallen on students and their families to make up the difference with increased tuition," he says. "We know that's unsustainable, so what the president has asked for is, let's take a timeout. Let's figure out a better system to get fair funding into the higher education system and relieve the students and their families of that burden."

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