Destiny Solutions releases next generation business software for non-traditional higher education

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Destiny Solutions, the leading provider of business solutions for non-traditional higher education, has advanced its enterprise software platform, Destiny One, with Release 4.0. Destiny One Release 4.0 builds on existing functionality in order to further empower higher education institutions to succeed in today's marketplace by providing the most advanced features in the industry. In addition to improving ease of use for both staff and students, Destiny One Release 4.0 targets a number of unique business needs within higher education in order to give institutions a competitive edge.

Recognizing the need to improve student engagement and staff efficiency, Destiny One Release 4.0 provides increased automation and student self-service so that staff can focus on high-value tasks and differentiated service. Additionally, Destiny One Release 4.0 provides specialized modules that target business issues within modern higher education, including exam center and proctor management, conference management and corporate engagement.

"Destiny One Release 4.0 comes from a decade's worth of expertise on the needs and intricacies of higher education," said Shaul Kuper, president and CEO of Destiny Solutions. "We are proud to provide tools that empower higher education institutions to increase their market potential, improve their business agility, enhance their operational integrity and generally rise to the very top of the industry."

Destiny One is in use at UC Berkeley, Stanford, eCornell and many other market-leading institutions. It works by tightly integrating into the campus-computing environment in order to seamlessly support the management and growth of credit and non-credit programs, online learning and degree completion, corporate engagement and more. Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of non-traditional programs, it provides a suite of capabilities to empower higher education institutions to effectively engage with learners, while simultaneously equipping staff with the tools and information needed to rapidly respond to market opportunities.

Destiny One Release 4.0 launched on January 4, 2014. In order to learn more, please visit

About Destiny Solutions

Destiny Solutions is the leading innovator of lifelong learning business solutions. The company's flagship product, Destiny One™, is a software platform that manages business processes for non-traditional higher education units in order to enable them to reimagine their market potential, increase their business agility and enhance their operational integrity.