Despite Removing Paterno Statue, Penn State Still Doesn't Get It (Opinion)

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The new era of openness and transparency at Penn State continued early Sunday morning when workers erected a fence and draped it with a blue tarp so no one could witness the removal of the Joe Paterno statue that school president Rodney Erickson said had become "a source of division."

They went behind the tarp - the same sort of arrangement used on a race track when an injured horse has to be dispatched - and divided the statue from its foundation, trussed it with a moving blanket and shrink wrap and forklifted the whole deal inside the stadium, presumably never to be seen again.

Erickson said the statue would be transported and stored in a "secure location," lest it be freed by Paterno supporters some Saturday morning and carried into Beaver Stadium, or to prevent whatever mischief the school thinks the presence of a 900-pound inanimate object can cause.

After all these months, Penn State still doesn't get it. The school created this mess because of a culture that believed in doing things behind curtains. Troublesome situations were to be managed. What was good for business was good for the school. What the rest of the world didn't know wouldn't hurt it.

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