Deltak Announces The Launch Of Enhanced Learning Management System “Deltak Engage”

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Deltak announces the release of its new learning management system (LMS), Deltak Engage. Designed with a focus on collaboration, Engage was created to elevate the online student experience through enhanced instructor presence and social learning capabilities, along with mobile connectivity. Now available and offered to Deltak partners, Engage is based on Moodle, a widely adopted, open-source LMS.

Engage features a suite of social learning, portfolio and collaboration tools designed to drastically improve interactions between students and faculty. Collaborative forums, connections to external social and community tools, shared blogging and integration with Skype, streaming video, web conferencing and several third-party tools, further enhance communication. Engage allows program leaders to create program pages to facilitate communication amongst students, faculty and program administrators and to provide access to shared resources, such as videos, featured topics and announcements.

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