Delaware's Colleges Face War on Costs

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This time of year, college costs occupy many people's minds.

From high school seniors dealing with application deadlines, to current college students wondering what the next tuition spike will be, to the administrators of the state's public institutions heading to Dover during the next week to ask for more money at budget hearings in Legislative Hall.

In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama thrust the issue of college affordability into a national spotlight, saying he would put colleges and universities "on notice" that skyrocketing tuition can't continue. In a speech a day later, Obama detailed an idea to link the federal aid a school receives to its commitment to keeping tuition low.

The president also announced a plan to create a $1 billion fund to reward states that commit more resources to public colleges and universities.

Since then, higher education leaders in Delaware have tried to decipher what the changes might mean here. Based on the details available, some aspects of what Obama proposes would not favor Delaware colleges and universities, many of which have costs exceeding the national average in their category.

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