Del Mar College Officials Aim To Build Onto Existing Community Partnerships

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Del Mar College officials want to build onto existing educational community partnerships with entities such as the CCISD and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi to add to its student base and aid the transfer of courses to local universities.

The emphasis on community partnerships and student success was a main focus of a mini retreat Tuesday of the college's Board of Regents.

A report given by college Provost Fernando Figueroa said 69 percent of the school's first-time college students were in developmental, or remedial, courses. That's 1,057 out of more than 12,000 students enrolled this fall, according to uncertified enrollment numbers.

The report also said 70 percent of Del Mar's students are part-time and a little less than 60 percent last fall were female. Figueroa said research has shown more women are seeking higher education.

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