Debt-Free Grads: College Students Work Full-Time, Reap Benefits Afterward

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Even with student loan debt totaling $1 trillion and a weak job market, some University of Minnesota students will graduate debt-free because they worked their way through college.

More than 60 percent of University students graduated with debt in 2010. The average student left with more than $27,000 in student loan debt. But some students are able to earn the cost of tuition and living expenses by balancing school work with full-time jobs.

For Tim Clemens, graduating without debt could be a reality. Though paying for school on his own wasn’t his choice, the anthropology junior would not have it any other way.

Clemens worked two jobs while still keeping up with five courses this semester and plans on doing the same thing next spring. He works as a personal care assistant for a disabled boy and another job at the American Eagle store in the Mall of America.

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