Day of Action for Divestment

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Student groups at more than 60 college and universities hosted events to raise awareness and push for fossil fuel divestment as part of’s #FossilFreedom Day of Action.

The Day of Action, held May 2, was meant to highlight the work students—some partnered with alumni, faculty, and administrators—have done over the past six months in an effort to sway their institutional leaders to divest from fossil fuel, says Jamie Henn, co-founder of, an organization dedicated to building grassroots movements to solve the climate crisis. The hashtag #FossilFreedom has been used throughout the campaign to spark online conversation.

“It will be interesting in the next 10 days or so whether more schools commit to divestment, and to see how much more work will need to be done in the fall,” he says.

Last November, kicked off a fossil fuel divestment campaign, urging colleges and universities to divest their endowments from 200 fossil fuel companies it identified as posing the greatest threat to climate change. There are now campaigns on more than 300 campuses.