Datatel Announces Managed Services to Complement Higher Education IT Departments

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Datatel today announced managed service packages ranging from basic remote application support to complete off-premise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery for key Datatel solutions. With these managed services, Datatel takes on specific tasks related to operating Datatel solutions to assist the IT staffs of higher education institutions. These services allow customers to offload responsibility for managing technology, alleviate staffing limitations, boost student and staff satisfaction and accelerate return on investment.

Institutions can now easily leverage over 30 years of Datatel higher education expertise in addition to investments in infrastructure, tools and processes that are optimized for managing Datatel applications. Institutions can eliminate typical staffing limitations of finding, recruiting and retaining enough of the right staff with all the necessary skills and training. Existing staff can now focus on strategic initiatives to accelerate institutional effectiveness.

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