Datatel Adds SaaS Deployment Option to Industry-Leading Datatel Colleague®

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Datatel today announced a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment option for Datatel Colleague. This enables institutions to leverage Datatel resources with unmatched experience managing Datatel’s ERP systems. Benefits include:

• Alleviating IT staffing challenges:  Institutions can offload the challenges of assembling and maintaining staff with Datatel-specific support knowledge. Existing staff can now focus on strategic initiatives to accelerate institutional effectiveness.  This helps institutions leverage the mutual strengths of their IT staff and Datatel.
• Eliminating hassles of infrastructure procurement and management: Institutions no longer have to worry about acquiring hardware and related IT facility management challenges. Significant upfront capital expenditures associated with these activities are also eliminated.

• Leveraging on-demand scalability:  The Colleague SaaS deployment option enables rapid scaling of resources to handle peak demand during times such as registration.

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