Datatech SmartSoft Announces New Web Services for Addressing at National Postal Forum

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Datatech SmartSoft, an industry-leading provider of address verification and mailing software, today announced two new online services for mailers and other customers wishing to run USPS Certified address verification on their mailing lists and address databases, without the hassle of installing regular database updates.
AccuMail frameworks Web Service offers real-time CASS Certified address verification as well as optional NCOALink processing, through the list management and postal presorting solution AccuMail frameworks.
Using the AccuMail software user interface, lists are rapidly processed online in real time using a secure and encrypted connection to SmartSoft’s address verification servers. Since the verification data is managed on the SmartSoft servers, there are no monthly or bi-monthly updates to install, and the whole process happens seamlessly, quickly and securely.

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