Dartmouth Tightens Up On College Parties

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Dartmouth College administrators have sent the message that hazing among Greek organizations will not be tolerated.

As of this weekend, dormitories, fraternities and sororities are now subject to random “walk-throughs” by Dartmouth's Safety and Security officers. The inspections are part of what Dartmouth is calling “harm reduction reforms,” and would eventually mandate licensed bartenders at parties and tougher sanctions for organizations that run afoul of the new rules.

The policies are part of Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson's focus on student safety, which she said she's continuing from former Dartmouth President Jim Yong Kim’s tenure.

While the new policy targets hazing, the reforms are broadly designed to embrace a wide variety of high-risk student behavior, especially drinking. And at Dartmouth, where the Greek system is at the hub of campus social life and any student -- Greek or non-Greek -- is welcome at fraternity and sorority functions, binge drinking and hazing are seen as often going hand-in-hand by college officials.

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