Dartmouth president vows to tackle drinking, sexual violence, racism on campus

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Dartmouth College President Phil Hanlon got candid about the issues facing the Ivy League school, saying the institution was being "hijacked by extreme behavior."

"Dangerous drinking has become the rule and not the exception," Hanlon said in a speech to a group of faculty, students and staff, before going on to cite sexual violence and a "general disregard for human dignity, as exemplified by hazing, parties with racist and sexist undertones, [and] disgusting and sometimes threatening insults hurled on the Internet."

Before last Wednesday, Dartmouth had always insisted these issues could be found at every college, and that it was a leader in addressing such concerns. However, Dartmouth currently faces a federal investigation for its alleged mishandling of sexual misconduct complaints, the university's applications have dropped 14 percent, and in an apparent reference to critical articles in the media, Hanlon declared that "external scrutiny of our campus life has never been higher."

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