CVCC Considers Potential Sale of Wards Road Campus to Liberty University

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Central Virginia Community College is considering selling its 102-acre campus on Wards Road and has approached Liberty University about purchasing the site. Liberty is interested in the land under the right circumstances, and “part of the deal might include an exchange of property,” Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. said Friday.

Central Virginia Community College President John Capps and Falwell both said discussions up to this point have been theoretical and hypothetical. But the sale “is a possibility,” Falwell said.

The university’s Board of Trustees considered that possibility during its meeting Friday and is supportive of the idea for a potential land swap and purchase of the CVCC campus buildings. “The board was generally positive about it,” Falwell said. The two campuses are located across Wards Road and a set of railroad tracks from each other. Liberty already has been working to build vehicular tunnels under the railroad tracks and connect to the Harvard Street intersection near CVCC to improve vehicular access to Wards Road from the LU campus. CVCC broached the sale idea with LU officials at least four months ago, in part because the school, built in 1966, is sorely outdated. The idea came from CVCC’s Vice President of Finance, John K. Poole.

“It’s really so we could just construct a new campus, a 21st century campus,” Capps said Friday.

“We are in desperate need of some new facilities. We would like to have an auditorium, for example, and we would like to have space for Workforce Solutions.

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