Cumberland County College partnership helps unemployed find manufacturing jobs

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The jobs were there, but the skilled workers were not. That’s why Cumberland County College formed a partnership with local industries to train unemployed workers for in-demand manufacturing jobs in the region.

Vicki Simek, executive director of the college’s nationally recognized Workforce and Community Education program, said that in spite of the county’s high unemployment rate, many good manufacturing jobs can be found in the region, particularly in the glass and food processing industries.

“We have the jobs, but the people who want the jobs don’t have the skills to fill them,” Simek said during a graduation ceremony this week for 16 students. “As of today, you all have those skills. Doors that were closed to you last fall will now be open.”

Cumberland County College’s Advanced Manufacturing training program was featured as a success story last month in San Diego, Calif., during a national conference hosted by the Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (CAEL).

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