CU Regents Revise Campus Gun Policy To Comply With Supreme Court Ruling

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The University of Colorado Board of Regents on Wednesday officially approved a revised gun policy for the Boulder campus -- allowing concealed-carry permit holders to bring guns most anywhere -- though one regent raised concerns that there are still gun-free zones on campus.

CU had a campus-wide ban on guns that was overturned in March when the state Supreme Court ruled that the school cannot bar concealed-weapon permit holders from bringing their weapons to the university's campuses. That prompted CU officials to rework contractual agreements for students living in the dorms and revise the regents' policy on weapons.

Regent Jim Geddes, R-Sedalia, said he appreciates campus officials' comprehensive review of gun policies, but has concerns about some of the restrictions.

CU's Boulder campus has banned guns from its dorms and is allowing them in a about a dozen family housing cottages and in a limited number of Athens North family housing units.

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