CU-Boulder's Phil DiStefano: Large Raises 'Poorly Timed And Communicated'

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Publicly addressing last year's tuition-funded raises for top University of Colorado administrators for the first time, Chancellor Phil DiStefano acknowledged that "some of the larger-than-average raises, while well deserved, were poorly timed and communicated."

The Camera reported last month that CU used money generated from last year's 9.3 percent in-state tuition hike to reward many of its top administrators with raises, increasing DiStefano's salary by $49,000 to $389,000 and distributing tens of thousands of dollars in salary increases to other high-paid employees.

DiStefano, in his message sent late last week to all Boulder campus employees, said that his well-intentioned staff has not been paying enough attention to communicating with faculty and staff members, leaving them to get information from the media.

Of the increases, 87 percent went to employees earning less than $100,000 a year, DiStefano noted.

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