CU-Boulder Signs Fair Food Statement

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Nudged by student leaders, the University of Colorado has signed a pledge to provide healthy food for students and buy food from sources that have safe and fair agricultural practices.

The school's new commitment coincides with already-existing goals to provide more organic and locally grown food in university cafeterias.

"We have found that the students here on campus are very much into where their food comes from and what's in it," said Amy Beckstrom, with CU's Dining Services. "We've noticed that the students are coming to us more frequently and motivating us to make the right decisions. When students bring something to the table, we want to make sure it gets our full review."

CU's fair food pledge states that the university "seeks to enhance the sustainability experience of our students, faculty, staff and visitors by providing food that is healthy for people and our planet. We encourage social and environmental justice in purchasing through the humane treatment of all living things; safe and fair working conditions and agricultural practices; and stewardship of ecosystems, while operating in an economically sound manner."

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