CU-Boulder Sees A Boost In International Student Enrollment

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International student enrollment at the University of Colorado has shattered past records -- and more than rebounded from a post-9/11 slump.

CU officials have finalized the campus census and report that international student enrollment increased 9 percent, to 1,481 students. Of those students, 614 are undergraduates, which is a 23 percent increase since last year. International graduate-level enrollment is unchanged.

For the first time, CU admissions counselors are recruiting overseas, according to Kevin MacLennan, CU's admissions director. Last year, an admissions counselor recruited in China and the Middle East, though it was late in the admissions cycle and MacLennan said the gains will likely show up in next year's numbers.

This month, admissions counselors are in Southeast Asia, visiting countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. They have several stops planned for the Middle East and China. Traditionally, CU hasn't recruited students overseas.

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