CU-Boulder Report: 42,012 Pounds Of Reusable Items Collected At Student Move-Out

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University of Colorado students moving out of the dorms last spring donated 42,012 pounds of stuff -- fans, mirrors, snowboards, computer printers -- which is more than double the amount of donations made the previous spring, according to a new report.

It could be a sign of an improving economy. In the thick of the recession, it appears, students were more likely to hold on to their goods, donating 15,354 pounds of reusable items in 2010 and 20,144 pounds in 2011.

The CU Environmental Center this week released a report detailing its collections during the last move-out cycle, when the school, for the first time ever, partnered with Goodwill to divert dorm room leftovers from the landfill.

The authors of the report say it's difficult to pinpoint why there was a 108 percent increase in the weight of donations, pointing to the possibility that students are purchasing new items at the start of every school year -- which raises the brows of environmental advocates.

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