CU-Boulder Price Tag For Obama's Visit Last April: $110,000

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The University of Colorado spent roughly $110,000 on President Barack Obama's historic visit to the Boulder campus this spring -- less than half the price tag for the campus' unprecedented efforts days earlier to shut down the annual 4/20 smoke-out, the school announced Tuesday.

The official White House visit on the Boulder campus on April 24 was one of three stops at colleges this past spring as Obama addressed higher-education affordability and urged Congress to prevent subsidized Stafford loan interest rates from doubling to 6.8 percent this summer.

"The visit of a sitting president is a historic opportunity for any campus," CU-Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano said in a statement. "CU-Boulder was honored to have been asked to host President Obama's visit. His visit drew international media coverage and showcased our campus community in a marvelous way to a global audience."

CU officials said that funding to cover the costs of Obama's visit will come from existing insurance rebates to the university. The costs will not result in any tuition or fee increases to students or reductions in campus budgets, CU officials said.

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