CU-Boulder Law School Under Scrutiny Over $1.7 Million Deficit

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The finances at the University of Colorado's School of Law are coming under scrutiny from some regents who want to know why it's running at a loss and being subsidized by the campus.

Last year, the law school spent $26.25 million, which was $1.69 million more than its revenue.

Other colleges hemorrhage more money, including the College of Music, which lost $4.36 million, and the College of Engineering, which ran a deficit of $6.1 million. It's common on college campuses that some programs cost more than they bring in.

But some CU regents are raising questions about the law school's financials because, they say, law students are facing higher tuition hikes and undergraduates are helping pay for the Wolf Law Building, which opened in fall 2006.

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