CU-Boulder Launching Site For A 'Universal' Campus Map

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The University of Colorado has recently launched a pilot website for a universal campus map. There are detailed step-by-step directions from different landmarks in text and audio formats. The service has resources for wheelchair or stroller users, cane travelers or guide dog users, as well as general newcomers.

Hundreds of people could use these maps including students, professors and visitors, according to Karen Rosenschein, assistant director of disability services at CU. Blind students are currently assigned a facilitator who walks the routes to their classes with them at the beginning of each semester.

"We didn't want it to just be for blind students, but for it to have all kinds of categories," said Rosenschein.

Navigating around campus can be difficult because there is no grid system, and walking directions aren't very specific. The new map system uses landmarks including fields, fountains and surrounding buildings.

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