CU-Boulder Faculty Expresses Fear Over Lifting Of Campus Gun Ban

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Citing concerns for their safety, University of Colorado faculty members were vocal Tuesday in their opposition of the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling earlier this year to overturn CU's campus gun ban

Chancellor Phil DiStefano, Provost Russell Moore, CU attorney John Sleeman and CU police Cmdr. Robert Axmacher were on hand at a town hall-style meeting Tuesday to try and address the concerns of faculty members, many of whom were deeply disturbed by the fact students could now carry weapons into their lecture halls.

"I don't want to be surrounded by someone who's armed," said Paul Levitt, an English professor at CU. Levitt said that part of teaching sometimes involves intense debate and disappointed students, and he didn't want the threat of armed students impacting the way he teaches his class.

"Some classes are taught aggressively; some are taught passively," he said. "My approach to teaching is to challenge the students, and they don't always take too kindly to that."

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