CU-Boulder Doubles The Number Of Textbook Rentals Available In Time For Fall Semester

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Since the last school year, the University of Colorado's bookstore has doubled the number of textbook rentals it's making available as the option has become hugely popular with students trying to save some money.

About 2,200 of the 5,000 textbook titles offered at the official bookstore in the University Memorial Center are available to rent, said Brian Groves, director of the CU Bookstore. At the same time, online retail giant has begun a textbook rental program. The online retailer is undoubtedly one of CU's largest competitors, Groves said.

But, he said that Amazon is a bit late in entering the rental market, and he warns students that online retailers may not be as lenient in returns as the campus bookstore if students, for example, drop a class.

The rental program at CU first began in 2010 and the bookstore has been increasingly offering more titles in the format.

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