CU-Boulder Cuts Sauna, Simulated Golf From Rec Center Remodel

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The University of Colorado had to pull some planned amenities -- such as a sauna, simulated golfing and exterior designs -- from its $63.5 million remodel of the Recreation Center after the project's estimates came back 18 percent over budget.

The remodel of the Rec Center is expected to be finished by Aug. 13. CU officials say that because students are funding the project through fees, they paid close attention to what survey respondents listed as priorities.

But Lee Gilbert, an engineering alumnus from CU, said the university shouldn't be eliminating a sauna that's now available for year-round use while spending money on a new, outdoor, buffalo-shaped pool that will likely be open April through October.

Gilbert, who has been going to the Rec Center for more than 30 years, exercises on the Boulder campus almost daily, often using the sauna after he swims laps.

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