CU-Boulder Counselors Will Begin Offering Online, Mental Health Screenings

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The University of Colorado will begin offering an "Interactive Screening Program" that allows students to screen their mental health online anonymously and then receive support from a counselor.

CU will debut the program on Sunday, coinciding with the recent National Depression Screening Day.

The program will help CU's counselors reach out to students who, for example, are having suicidal thoughts, abusing drugs or alcohol, battling an eating disorder or are in unhealthy relationships.

The program comes after a test of it was held last spring on campus. CU will become the first school in the state to offer the program, though its used at 30 schools across the country, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University.

The Interactive Screening Program was developed specifically for college students by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and will be administered at CU by Counseling and Psychological Services.

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