CU-Boulder Campus Technology Rolls Out New Tools for Fall

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The University of Colorado's Office of Information Technology will be introducing new tools on campus this fall, in hopes of making technology more accessible and learning more convenient.

The department -- formerly known as Information Technology Services -- will roll out updated email accounts, new online academic tools and expanded Wi-Fi services, among others.

"We're focusing on things that can improve learning, make the environment and computing easier," said Marin Stanek, director of communications and support for the office.

The office is hoping to begin the email migration this summer, transferring students and alumni currently on the CU Link system to the new Buffalo Mail -- a service hosted through Microsoft Live.

Students will likely start seeing the change a few weeks after classes begin, said Greg Stauffer, manager of public relations and communication for the department.

Besides email, contact storage and calendars, Buffalo Mail will give students access to Microsoft Office tools online, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Stauffer said. There will also be an instant messaging tool with audio and video capabilities, along with 25 gigabytes of online storage.

"It's really a lot more than just email," Stauffer said. "These tools can be useful for students after they graduate as well."

This fall, students will be able to access Buffalo Mail through Wi-Fi on the Buff Bus, which transports students from Williams Village and Bear Creek housing complexes to and from campus.

Wi-Fi was added to the buses this summer, though they don't run their regular routes until mid-August, said Bryan Flansburg, Director of Transportation Services for CU.

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