CU-Boulder Blames Enrollment Dip On Stepped-Up Recruiting Of Colorado Students

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Overall enrollment at the University of Colorado's Boulder campus dipped by 1.7 percent this year, according to early estimates, and officials say out-of-state recruiters who are able to offer scholarship packages to high-caliber Colorado students are creating a more competitive admissions landscape.

Total enrollment registers at about 30,417, according to an update presented to the CU Board of Regents during a meeting on the Boulder campus Wednesday.

Kelly Fox, the financial chief for CU's Boulder campus, said historically there have been three full-time, out-of-state recruiters stationed in Colorado. Now there's 20 -- from institutions in Michigan, Missouri, California and Wyoming, for example -- who are focused on courting Colorado students.

"As we look at our best and brightest students, we are seeing them choose other schools," Fox told the board. "It's becoming a highly competitive environment."

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