CU-Boulder Announces New 4/20 Crackdown, Plans To Ticket Pot Smokers

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The University of Colorado today announced a new plan to snuff out the Boulder campus's 4/20 smoke-out, warning that police will ticket pot smokers at this month's event -- a more aggressive enforcement policy than in years past, when officers mostly monitored the crowd for safety reasons.

CU officials -- who, for the first time ever, have the support of student leaders who also want to end the unsanctioned April 20 event -- warned students today that those busted smoking pot in public could face a $100 fine and additional sanctions from CU's Office of Student Conduct. Those with medical marijuana registry cards risk having them revoked upon conviction.

"It needs to end,” Chancellor Phil DiStefano said of 4/20 today in a news release.

Meanwhile, in an effort to keep students away from the Norlin Quad, student leaders have announced that they'll host a free, student-only hip-hop concert featuring singer-songwriter and former Fugees member Wyclef Jean on the afternoon of 4/20 in the Coors Event Center.

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