Crossroads StrongBox provides scalable data preservation for Ithaca

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Crossroads Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRDS) today announced that the Roy H. Park School of Communications at New York's Ithaca College deployed the Crossroads StrongBox NAS for long-term preservation of its digital content.

With academic programs ranging from television-radio and journalism to integrated marketing communications and documentary studies, the Park School boasts numerous alumni who have played substantial roles in the media and entertainment industry. As its digital content began to eclipse existing storage resources, the school realized the need for a lower-cost and scalable repository for its many terabytes of content. StrongBox was selected to address the Park School's ever-growing content preservation requirements.

StrongBox delivers scalable storage at the lowest cost per gigabyte, enabling the Park School to build an archive that can preserve content for many years to come. The simple NAS solution leverages Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology with intelligent policy-based data protection to guarantee the reliability of stored content. Additionally, the school can seamlessly migrate data from primary storage into StrongBox as an archival destination, freeing up valuable space on high-performance disk storage.

"Crossroads is honored to see its StrongBox solution provide Ithaca College's communications school with the lowest-cost repository for unstructured data archiving," said David Cerf, executive vice president of strategy and business development at Crossroads Systems. "With built-in data protection and seamless integration, StrongBox offers immense value for higher education organizations with storage requirements that consistently increase each academic year."

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