Cross Enrollment For College Students May Expand In Louisiana

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Students enrolled in any public college or university should be able to take online courses at any other university inside or outside the student's original system, a Louisiana Board of Regents member said Wednesday. "It will take coordination," Joseph Wiley, secretary of the Board of Regents, said of the idea of cross enrollment courses.

All Louisiana post-secondary institutions have online course offerings and many have an office of distance learning, a department designed specifically for students and faculty to access online programs and courses.

For instance, as a student at Southeastern University is planning out their course schedule over the semester, the student could explore online course offerings at other schools that would fit into their degree program.

Wiley said through a incentive program like this, more universities and colleges would be more willing to participate. The home institution would get the tuition from the student; however, funds would be delivered to the institution that is offering the online course.

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