Critics React to SLU President Rev. Lawrence Biondi's Retirement

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He has been one of the most controversial figures in all of St. Louis over the last year or more. The Reverend Lawrence Biondi is stepping down as President of St. Louis University.

Some of those who spent the past several months calling for Biondi to step down say they were surprised by the news.

For the past few years frustration has started to gather among students and faculty - fed up, they have said, with an atmosphere of fear and disrespect on the SLU campus.

And while two of the leaders of the effort to force Biondi to step down say they respect what he has done over his 25 years as President, they also call his resignation a victory for the future of the University.

"When we heard the announcement we didn't believe it," said Liz Ramsey a Saint Louis University Law student. "We have put out messages thanking him for his service to the University but we are really thrilled that he's come to the conclusion that it's time to move on," said Ramsey who helped organize student protest against Biondi.

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