Crisis Consultants Encourage Morgan State Officials To Speak Up About Alleged Cannibal

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As Morgan State University has been splashed across the news because of a sensational homicide involving a student's alleged cannibalism, Stephanie Morgan worries about how the world will view her alma mater. In recent days, the East Baltimore woman has observed students communicating online about feeling unsafe or being teased about attending a school where "Only crazy people go."

"While this is most likely an isolated incident, it does not help with the image of the school or Baltimore in general," said Morgan, a 2002 graduate.

And though she doesn't believe the crime will permanently damage the university's reputation, she thinks "school officials should be more vocal about what they are doing to keep students safe and to prevent future occurrences."

Crisis management consultants agree. They say Morgan State officials should speak up about Alexander Kinyua's time at the university — before his arrest in the killing of Kujoe Bonasafo Agyei-Kodie — and his confession, according to police, that he dismembered Agyei-Kodie and ate his heart and parts of his brain.

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